Anchor and Mooring winch

Tripomet Anchor Mooring Winch are provided with combination of anchor part: chain lifter and mooring parts: drums and warping head.
All design can be offered either in electric or hydraulic drive version for chains of different sizes; provide with complete drive systems: Electric Control panels and hydraulic power pack, anchors, chains, swivels, chain stoppers and steel wire.


  • Remote control + Local Control;
  • Electric Starter provided with frequency inverter and PLC control With PLC and Remote setting by network;
  • Touch screen monitor and push button or joystick
  • Cable connection: by plug and socket – quick connections.
  • Self tensioning; constant tensioning systems;
  • Length, speed and load measuring system;
  • Temperature, oil level measuring system;
  • Rotary limit switch;
  • Emergency release for wire rope.

Tripomet Anchor Mooring winch successfully operated not only in normal but also in hazardous areas above under water, in different climatic zones and wide temperature range ( minus 40 degree to + 50 degree).

Used in the construction of ships and boat of technical ( icebreakers, tankers ( explosion proof execution), tugs, passenger vessel and barges and other vessels) can operated in the harsh climatic condition, including for the development of oil and gas deposits on the Artic area.