TRIPOMET produces many type of Anchor Mooring and Mooring Capstans.
All capstans can be produces in many constructive variants: horizontal, vertical on the deck.
With motor positioned inside warping head for restriction space zones, up deck or under deck.


  • Electric;
  • Hydraulic


  • Remote control + Local Control;
  • Electric Starter provided with frequency inverter and PLC control With PLC and Remote setting by network;
  • Touch screen monitor and push button or joystick;

Cable connection:

  • by plug and socket – quick connections.

Length, speed and load measuring system;

Tripomet Capstan successfully operated not only in normal but also in hazardous areas above under water, in different climatic zones and wide temperature range (minus 40 degree to + 50 degree).

TPM’s range of anchor warping capstans for anchor chains with diameters ranging from 11 to 56 mm as well as combined anchor-warping capstans and simplified anchor-only design. All capstans can be electrically and hydraulically driven. The same applies to our standard warping capstan without lifter part which are also fitted vertically on the deck. Warping capstans can also be specially designed so that the drive motor is contained in the warping head if there is space restriction below deck. On request, anchor-warping capstans can be fitted with remote-controlled cable lifter brake systems for automatic anchor release of and with additional information about chain length and speed.


  • Chain dimensions from 11 to 56 mm, pull up to 250 kN;
  • High brake holding power with stainless steel bolts and bushings in all movable parts;
  • Capacities in accordance with all relevant class requirements.


  • Hydraulically operated fail-safe brakes;
  • Stainless steel brake rim;
  • Local/Bridge control;
  • Remote automatic anchor drop;
  • PLC controled chain speed (1÷3 m/s).