Towing anchor winch

TRIPOMET TOWING Winches are designated for towing operations in port and coastal zone and terminal tugs.


  • Electric or hydraulic drive;
  • Configuration; single or multi drum;
  • With or without warping end
  • Manual or hydraulic operated clutch;
  • Manual or hydraulic failsafe brake;
  • Emergency quick release;

Classification certificates from different survey authorities are available.


  • Remote control + Local Control;
  • Electric Starter provided with frequency inverter and PLC control With PLC and Remote setting by network;
  • Touch screen monitor and push button or joystick
  • Cable connection: by plug and socket – quick connections.
  • Self tensioning; constant tensioning systems;
  • Length, speed and load measuring system;
  • Temperature, oil level measuring system;
  • Rotary limit switch;
  • Emergency release for wire rope.


  • Electric /Hydraulic Drive -Single/Double Drum/ Waterfall
  • Auto-tensioning -Constant tension
  • Frequence Convertor
  • Quick Release


  • Tugboats
  • Multi-purpose Supply Vessels
  • Multi-purpose sea-going
  • AHTS Anchor Handling Tug


  • Electro-hydraulic, remotely- controlled friction clutches
  • Electro-hydraulic, remotely controlled spindle band brakes
  • Spooling device